Servo Stabilizer - Single Phase

1 kVA - 20 kVA

Single Phase Stabilizers (Aircooled /Oilcooled):

Single Phase Servo Stabilisers are used to protect the sensitive equipment from voltage fluctuations caused due to switching ON/Off of heavy machinery, load distribution on the transformers, etc. Under varying voltage conditions the sensitive equipments like medical, analytical, audio/video, Computers, etc malfunction or can be damaged. VERTEX Stabiliser provides constant output voltage, 220 /230 volts with a tolerance of +/- 1% with high/low output voltage cut-off and overload cut-off. This ensures smooth operation and longer life for the equipments.

Oilcooled stabilisers find their applications in industries like Spinning & Garment which are used to prevent the ingress of dust and foreign particles.

Custom Designed : Stabilizers of more than 20 kVA are also available with wider / shorter input voltage range & also with special output voltage, as per customer requirements.