Case Studies

News Printing Company in Mangalore, Karnataka, resolves downtime issues caused by Voltage fluctuations by using VERTEX Servo Voltage Stabiliser

Voltage fluctuations are common to printing and manufacturing industries in many parts of the country. Some printing presses run 24X7 and cannot afford downtime due to high/low voltage conditions.

By installing a VERTEX Oil Cooled Servo Voltage Stabiliser at the unit, the frequent interruptions were completely stopped, and the failure of the machinery was reduced significantly, thus increasing the life of the machinery.

VERTEX Servo Voltage Stabiliser Saves Energy Costs at a Textile (Spinning) Mill in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu (India)…

The global energy crisis, as well as the high cost of fuels, prompted increased efforts to conserve energy in textile mills, where approximately 34% of energy is consumed in spinning, 23% in weaving, 38% in chemical processing, and 5% for other purposes. High-intensity lights are also common in textile mill operations. In this project, Vertex Power Solutions Pvt Ltd supplied its Servo Voltage Stabiliser with Reduced Output Voltage to achieve power savings, with negligible reduction in the Lux when measured.

Details Input Voltage Load in Watts Current in Amps PF of Load Actual Watts Total Power for 10 Hrs Savings in Watts

Sodium Vapour Lamp
230 250 2.29 0.4 210.68 2106.8 -
210 250 1.91 0.4 160.44 1604.4 502.4

General Lighting of 1000W
250 1000 4.35 1 1087 10870 -
210 1000 - 1 913 9130 1740

Cinema Theatre in Bangalore, Karnataka, resolves Equipment failure and downtime caused due to frequent neutral loss and unbalanced voltage issues by using VERTEX Servo Voltage Stabiliser & VERTEX Isolation Transformer

When the power is drawn from a common distribution transformer, various power problems occur, such as unbalanced voltage, Neutral loss, phase shorting with other phases or the ground, Phase Reversals, etc. These situations occur when the loading is improper or due to a fault in the system.

In this case, a VERTEX Isolation Transformer (Delta/Star) was installed at the incomer, followed by a VERTEX Servo Voltage Stabiliser. The Star Point of the secondary of the Isolation Transformer was grounded with dedicated earth and used as a Neutral to the Servo Voltage Stabiliser.

By installing VERTEX Servo Voltage Stabiliser and VERTEX Isolation transformer, the voltage was regulated, resolving problems arising due to poor Neutral and unbalanced voltage. Additional protections like Single Phasing Preventer, Phase Reversal Correction, Surge Protection, High/Low Voltage Cut-off, Short Circuit Protection, etc., ensured complete protection and smooth, uninterrupted equipment functioning.

VERTEX Servo Voltage Stabiliser improves power factor and saves power at a Textile (Spinning) Mill in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu (India)…

The Electricity Board as imposing penalties due to poor power factor, and it was, therefore, necessary to maintain a good power factor. In this case, we improved the power factor and harnessed power savings through voltage optimization as the Vertex Servo Voltage Stabiliser ensured that utilities adhere to the tariff plan on a kVAH basis.

Volts Amps Apparent Power (VA) Real Power (Watts) Power Factor pf = Watts / VA V x A x pf
Raw Power @ 450 V 40 A 450 x 1.732 x 40 = 31176 VA 20000 W 20000/31176 = 0.64 pf 20000 W
Thru Voltage Stabiliser @ 415 V 40 A 415 x 1.732 x 40 = 28751 VA 20000 W 20000/28751 = 0.70 pf 20000 W