Servo Voltage Stabiliser Single Phase - Aircooled / Oilcooled

Servo Voltage Stabiliser:

Single Phase - Aircooled / Oilcooled 1 kVA - 20 kVA.

VERTEX Single Phase Servo Voltage Stabilisers are used to protect sensitive equipment from constant threat of malfunctioning due to incessant voltage fluctuations. The single phase VERTEX Servo Voltage Stabiliser provides a constant output voltage of 220 /230 volts, with a tolerance of +/- 1%, to ensure smooth operation and longer equipment life. The VERTEX Servo Voltage Stabiliser comes with built-in features like high/low output voltage cut-off and overload cut-off, which are user settable, to safeguard the valuable equipment. VERTEX Single Phase Servo Stabilisers come in air cooled & oil cooled variants to suit the equipment and type of industry. VERTEX air cooled servo voltage stabilisers find their applications in IT, Medical, Analytical, Audio/Video, CNC Machines, etc. and oil cooled voltage stabilisers are preferred by industries like Spinning & Garment to prevent the ingress of dust, cotton fluff and foreign particles.

Product USPs / Salient Features

  • iconHighly reliable Microcontroller (DSP) based control system
  • iconDigital LCD display to monitor Input & Output Voltage, Frequency and % Loading/ Amps
  • iconUser settable parameters on the front panel for O/P Voltage, High/Low cut-off limits & Manual / Auto Restart time delay, with great accuracy
  • iconHigher response time through its Microcontroller design
  • iconCut-off protection operates with Graded time delay

Product Applications:

  • Spinning, Garment, Knitting, DyeingSpinning, Garment, Knitting, Dyeing
  • CNC Machine Tools, Robotics, FabricationCNC Machine Tools, Robotics, Fabrication
  • Granite, Control PanelsGranite, Control Panels
  • Food Processing, Packaging, Colour labsFood Processing, Packaging, Colour labs
  • Office Automation, IT SectorOffice Automation, IT Sector
  • Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals, AnalyticalHospitals, Pharmaceuticals, Analytical
  • Research, Dental ClinicsResearch, Dental Clinics
  • UPS Bypass, Residential, Audio/VideoUPS Bypass, Residential, Audio/Video
  • Gym/Fitness, Cinema TheatresGym/Fitness, Cinema Theatres

Technical Specifications:

Type of Stabiliser Single Phase Stabiliser
Construction Indoor Purpose
Type of Design Servo Stabiliser with O/P sensing feed-back system
Type Of Cooling Air cooled
Servo Motor Type AC Synchronous Stepper Motor
Input Voltage Range 170V - 270V / 140V - 270V (L-N) Designed as per customer requirement
Input Frequency 47 Hz - 53 Hz
Output Voltage 230 V ; User Settable - 220 V (OR) 240 V (L-N)
Output Voltage Regulation ± 1 %
Control Design Microcontroller (DSP) based Control System
Waveform Distortion NIL (Output Waveform same as Input Waveform)
Effect of Load PF on O/P Voltage NIL
Correction Speed > 35 V / Sec
Response Time 10 milli sec
Efficiency ≥ 98 %
Under / Over Voltage Cut-Off Upper Limit +5% (Above set O/P Voltage) / Lower Limit -10% (Below set O/P Voltage)
Short Circuit Protection HRC Fuse (OR) MCB at Input
Output Over Load Protection Electronic Operative above 110% of rated output current
Stabiliser “ON/OFF” Operation User Settable Auto Restart 1 sec - 998 sec (or) Manual Restart
Display Type Backlight LCD Display (Will vary as per the Control system)
Parameters Displayed I/P & O/P Voltage, Hz, Amps (Will vary as per the Control system used)
Front Panel Indications LED Indication for - Input Present, Output Normal
Front Panel User Interface Menu, Up/down Key, Enter/Set Key
Input / Output Connection 1 kVA to 5 kVA - Input Cable & Output Sockets

7.5 kVA to 20 kVA - Terminal Plate with Nut-Bolt arrangement
Emergency Manual Bypass Optional
Output Relay / Contactor Built-in
Surge Protection Device (SPD) Optional
Ambient Temperature 0° C to 50° C
Rating in kVA 1 kVA to 20 kVA
Design Standards As per IS:9815

Custom Designed:

  • right-point Ratings above 20 kVA.
  • right-point Oilcooled Models.
  • right-point Wide / Short input voltage range.
  • right-point Specific output voltage.
  • right-point Outdoor Models.