Monitoring Solutions


A. Intelligent Power Manager (IPM):

Intelligent Power Manager (IPM) software for disaster avoidance is part of Eaton's Bright layer Data Centers suite and provides the tools needed to monitor and manage power equipment in physical or virtual environments to keep IT devices running during a power or environmental event.

  • iconAchieve more with less: Reduce capital expenses
  • iconMaintain business continuity: Minimize operating expenses
  • iconProtect remote sites: Automate business continuity at the edge

B. Battery Monitoring System (BMS):

Today’s businesses require a continuous supply of electricity for achieving seamless growth. UPS and battery backups have been a solution to the constant electricity supply. Battery monitoring has become essential to keep things running effectively and avoid unnecessary breakdowns. Many system & UPS failures are due to undetected battery problems. BMS is crucial for operating critical systems & avoiding unnecessary financial burdens.