Servo Voltage Stabiliser Three Phase - Oilcooled

Servo Voltage Stabiliser:

Three Phase - Oilcooled 3 kVA - 2000 kVA

Three Phase Oilcooled Servo Voltage Stabilisers are used to prevent the ingress of dust and foreign particles. The transformer oil is used for cooling transformers inside the voltage stabilisers. Smaller ratings are widely used in industries like Spinning Mills & Garment.

Higher rating oilcooled servo voltage stabilisers are used for large machinery, for a group of machinery or the entire factory. They are designed to suit Unbalanced Loads and Unbalanced Input Supply Conditions. Induction motors operate at high efficiency and improve power factor when supplied with constant voltages. These servo voltage stabilisers protect expensive manufacturing equipment from High/Low Voltages, thus cutting maintenance costs.

Key Benefits:

  • right-pointInduction motors operate at high efficiency and improved power factor.
  • right-pointPrevents frequent tripping of overload and over / under voltage relays
  • right-pointProtection from High/Low Voltages
  • right-pointIncreases the life of the Motors / Equipment
  • right-pointReduces breakdown of the equipment
  • right-pointSaves Electrical Energy—Reduced Bills

Product USPs / Salient Features

  • iconHighly reliable Microcontroller (DSP) based control system with high response time
  • iconDigital LCD display to monitor Input & Output Voltage, Frequency and % Loading/ Amps
  • iconUser settable parameters on the front panel for O/P Voltage, High/Low cut-off limits & Manual / Auto Restart time delay, with great accuracy
  • iconProvides information for Load & Energy Study
  • iconCut-off protection operates with Graded time delay
  • iconSmooth operation with no hunting OR over shooting
  • iconSuitable for Unbalanced loads and input conditions
  • iconHigh Efficiency > 98%
  • iconEvent Recorder with trip status

Product Applications:

  • Spinning, Garment, Knitting, DyeingSpinning, Garment, Knitting, Dyeing
  • Food Processing, Packaging, Bottling, Printing Press, GraniteFood Processing, Packaging, Bottling, Printing Press, Granite
  • Hospitals, Malls, Hotels/Resorts, Educational Institutions, Showrooms, WarehouseHospitals, Malls, Hotels/Resorts, Educational Institutions, Showrooms, Warehouse
  • UPS Bypass, TV Radio/Stations, Toll Plazas, Metro Rail / Construction SitesUPS Bypass, TV Radio/Stations, Toll Plazas, Metro Rail / Construction Sites
  • Water Treatment/Pumping StationsWater Treatment/Pumping Stations

Technical Specifications:

VERTEX Servo Voltage Stabiliser - Three Phase Oilcooled

Type of Stabiliser Three Phase Stabiliser - Unbalanced Type
Construction Indoor Purpose
Type of Design Servo Stabiliser with O/P sensing feed-back system
Type Of Cooling Oilcooled
Servo Motor Type AC Synchronous Stepper Motor
Input Voltage Range 360V - 460V /340V - 460V / 340V - 480V / 310V - 480V

Designed as per customer requirement
Input Frequency 47 Hz - 53 Hz
Output Voltage 415 V; User Settable - 400 V (OR) 380 V (L - L)
Output Voltage Regulation ± 1 %
Control Design Microcontroller (DSP) based Control System
Waveform Distortion NIL (Output Waveform same as Input Waveform)
Effect of Load PF on O/P Voltage NIL
Correction Speed > 50 V/ Sec (Will vary for higher rating Stabilisers)
Response Time 10 milli sec
Efficiency ≥ 98 %
Under / Over Voltage Cut-Off Upper Limit +5% (Above set O/P Voltage)

Lower Limit -10% (Below set O/P Voltage)
Short Circuit Protection HRC Fuse (OR) Optional MCB / MCCB at Input
Output Over Load Protection Electronic Operative above 110% of rated output current
Phase Reversal Protection Built-in
Single Phasing Prevention Built-in
Stabiliser “ON/OFF” Operation User Settable Auto Restart 1 sec - 998 sec

User Settable Manual Restart
Display Type Backlight LCD Display (Will vary as per the Control system)
Parameters Displayed I/P & O/P Voltage (L-L & L-N), Hz, Amps R-Y-B

Will vary as per the Control system used
Front Panel Indications LED Indication for - Input Present, Output Normal
Front Panel User Interface MENU, UP/DOWN KEY, ENTER/SET KEY
Event Recorder Fault Analysis - Check for the Control System Used
Input / Output Connection Input / Output — Terminal Plate with Nut-Bolt arrangement
Emergency Manual Bypass Built-in (Upto 250 kVA Ratings)
Output Contactor Built-in (Upto 250 kVA Ratings)
Surge Protection Device (SPD) Optional
Ambient Temperature 0° C to 50° C
Rating in kVA 3 kVA to 2000 kVA
Design Standards As per IS:9815

Custom Designed:

  • right-point Ratings above 20 kVA.
  • right-point Wide / Short input voltage range.
  • right-point Specific output voltage.
  • right-point Outdoor Models.